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Explore the McKenzie Belknap Springs + lots of other fun in the area Belknap Hot Springs is good reason for a day trip from Eugene, but are you aware of other attractions in the general vicinity that are also possibly of interest? Belknap’s website lists these as additional reasons to visit: Sightseeing: Visit nearby lava beds at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains, waterfalls, mountain vistas, etc. […]
Explore the McKenzie Ready for a Mushroom Gathering Adventure? Information gathered from Willamette National Forest Service website Personal (Incidental/Non-Commercial) Use No permit or fee is required for quantities less than one gallon (per person, per day) unless you are collecting matsutakes. If collecting more than a gallon – even if only for personal use – a permit is required. Obtain the permit from the office closest […]
Explore the McKenzie Paradise Campground has a lot to Offer by US Forest Service Overview Paradise Campground is indeed a paradise for campers. Tucked within a lush, old-growth forest of Douglas fir and western red cedar, the area portrays a sub-tropical vibe along the banks of the McKenzie River, where catch-and-release trout and steelhead fishing is a popular activity, along with whitewater rafting and kayaking. […]
Explore the McKenzie Despite Fire, McKenzie Area Still Very Much Open for Recreation (mostly)     It is still a great time to visit the McKenzie River Recreation area, despite the unfortunate wild fire at Cougar. What you should know, though, is that many sections of the McKenzie are unaffected by the blaze, and there is plenty of McKenzie River Trail accessible to the west of Trail Bridge Campground […]
Explore the McKenzie Protecting our Drinking Water Source:  EWEB Website The McKenzie River is the sole source of drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in the Eugene metropolitan area. We have a number of utility and customer programs aimed at protecting this valuable resource.     When you turn on your tap, you expect the water to be pure, healthy and tasty. […]
Explore the McKenzie The Rolls-Royce of Mountain Bikes Postcast and article by Noah Kagan | okdork.com Yeti Cycles shouldn’t be around today. Years ago, they were almost bankrupt — but today, they’re the Rolls-Royce of mountain bikes. 🚵 Their bikes have won best mountain bike of the year, professional competitions, and they built a brand that people LOVE. Plus, their results are impressive. They’ve […]
Explore the McKenzie Road Trip: McKenzie River Valley by Tina Lassen A string of riverside communities greets the wild and oh-so-scenic McKenzie River as it drains down from the Cascade Mountains and tumbles west toward Eugene. Easy to reach along the McKenzie River Highway (OR-126), they’re your gateway to this river valley’s incomparable natural attractions. Lane Transit District will even handle the driving, […]
Explore the McKenzie McKenzie River Trail Named #1 Trail in America by mckenzierivertrail.com Whether Biking, Walking or Running – this is one of the most spectacular trails to travel. Through lush 300 year old old growth forrests and lava feilds, along side lakes so clean you can see over a100 feet to the bottom! Traverse handmade log bridges over the multiple streams and rivers that join to make up […]
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