McKenzie River Trail Named #1 Trail in America


Whether Biking, Walking or Running – this is one of the most spectacular trails to travel.

Through lush 300 year old old growth forrests and lava feilds, along side lakes so clean you can see over a100 feet to the bottom!

Traverse handmade log bridges over the multiple streams and rivers that join to make up the majestic McKenzie River.  Follow the river as it abruptly stops and dissapears into a lava flow and mysteriously starts again some distance later – seemingly out of nowehere.

Stop and wonder how the Tomolich pool could be such a vibrant topaz blue.  Continue down the trail following a wild mountain river and her many large and small waterfalls.

Once you’ve spent some time here, its easy to see why Bike Magazine and her readers gave the McKenzie River Trail its prized #1 spot for best trails in America.


Posted on July 16, 2018 at 12:33 pm
Nadine Scott | Category: Explore the McKenzie

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