Explore the McKenzie August 16, 2018

Protecting our Drinking Water

Source:  EWEB Website

The McKenzie River is the sole source of drinking water for nearly 200,000 people in the Eugene metropolitan area. We have a number of utility and customer programs aimed at protecting this valuable resource.



When you turn on your tap, you expect the water to be pure, healthy and tasty.  That is why we work hard to deliver water that meets or exceeds all state and federal health standards. In fact, we are proud to say we have never violated any Environmental Protection Agency water quality standard. Public health is our highest priority.  We care about the health of the families that drink our water and we want to help limit your exposure to lead in drinking water.  The main source of lead in water in the Eugene area is old household plumbing. Lead solder was commonly used in homes built or plumbed with copper pipes before 1986.  Lead also can be found in brass faucets and fixtures installed prior to 2014.



A few things to know about your water’s reliability

Limited supply: EWEB has enough storage to provide only one or two days of drinking water if something happens to our McKenzie River source.

Community risk: A reliable supply of clean water is vital to public health, safety and our economy, especially in an emergency.

System resilience: EWEB’s strategy to replace and renew our water system will increase resilience now, and for future generations.

Affordable: Careful planning will balance water reliability and affordability, which are both important community values.